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Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, Indie, Rock, Indie-Rock
Data: 2/04/2021
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport

"MP3 download: Top 100 Indie Tracks Best Of The Best [April 2021]"

Tracklist / Top tracks 98 / 5:54:23
Tame Impala — The Less I Know The Better 3:37
Foster the People — Pumped Up Kicks 4:00
MGMT — Kids 5:03
Dayglow — Can I Call You Tonight? 4:39
Clairo — Pretty Girl 2:59
Wallows, Clairo — Are You Bored Yet? (feat. ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 174 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 02.04.2021

Music/Style: #Best Of #Pop / Rock / Pop-Rock
Data: 24/01/2021
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport

"MP3 download: Pop Rock Now January 2021 (24-01-2021)"

Turn off your radio: all the pop rock hits you need are right here!

Tracklist / Top tracks 51 / 2:56:46
• Miley Cyrus — Plastic Hearts 3:26
• Dermot Kennedy — Giants 2:58
• Tom Grennan — Little Bit of Love 3:47
• We The Kings — Falling (So In Love) 3:44
• Coldplay — Flags 3:37
• Harry Styles — Golden 3:29
• YUNGBLUD — cotton candy 2:48
• Why Don't We — Lotus Inn 3:16
• Shawn Mendes — Higher 2:41
• Miley Cyrus — An ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 157 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 25.01.2021

Style: #britpop #rock #pop Music
Release Date: 15/11/2019
Format: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Parlophone

"Coldplay - Everyday Life"

Британская рок-группа Coldplay анонсировала свой новый студийный альбом. Грядущая полноформатная пластинка получит название "Everyday Life" и появится 22 ноября 2019 года. Альбом будет в двух частях - первая часть именуется Sunrise (Восход солнца), а вторая Sunset (Закат).

01 Coldplay — Sunrise
02 Coldplay — Church
03 Coldplay — Trouble in Town
04 Coldplay — BrokEn
05 Coldplay — Daddy
06 Coldplay — WOTW / POTP
07 Coldplay — Arabesque ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 3264 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 13.11.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Trap / Electronic / Indie Rock
Data: 30/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #lowly.

"Fresh MP3's: Zombie Americana — Zombie Americana LP"

Tracklist / Top tracks 10 / 31:18
• Zombie Americana - Not Human 0:56
• Zombie Americana - Zombies 3:29
• Zombie Americana - Bad Trip 3:07
• Zombie Americana - Save Me 3:24
• Zombie Americana - Crybabies 3:41
• Zombie Americana - Propagate 4:01
• Zombie Americana - Too Close 4:01
• Zombie Americana - Bullets 2:47
• Zombie Americana - Garden 2:20
• Zombie Americana - Better Off Dead 3:37

Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 211 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 06.11.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Jоhn Lеnnоn - GIММЕ SОМЕ ТRUТН. (Dеluхе Еditiоn) LP"

GIMME SOME TRUTN. - Released today for the 80th birthday of John Lennon (he was born on October 9, 1940), a complete and final official collection of his best pieces, 36 tracks, completely remixed from the original master tapes. "The collection aims to give these classic Lennon songs new life for future generations." The track listing includes the best of all his solo albums, including the posthumous release of Milk And New. The whole thing came out on all current media (vinyl, CD, CD + Blu-ray, 5.1, Dolby Atmos), as well as in high-resol ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 180 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #EDM
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport

"Fresh MP3's: Рridе Оf Liоns - Liоn Неаrt LP"

Liоn Наrt is a new studio album, formed in 2003 by the rock group Pride оf Liоns, performing very high quality, "stadium", melodic rock and hard rock in the best traditions of the genre. The band was founded by a veteran of the rock scene, former Survivоr frontman, consummate melodist, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jim Peterik (James Mishael Retterik) along with the talented vocalist and keyboardist Toby Hitchcock (Tobu Hitshсos. The music of the group is called "the center of the best elements of melodic rock of t ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 113 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Rock, Melodic Hard Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Stаrdust - Нighwау tо Неаrtbеаk LP"

There are so many projects in the world with the name Stаrdust of all possible genres and directions that it is not difficult to get confused in them. Data Stаrdust is a Hungarian band with a contract with the Italian label Frоntiers Resources. "Highwow to Heartbeak" is their debut studio album. The group was founded in 2015 by Adam Stewart (lead vocals) and Tim Keely (drums), and has a total of five members. Stаrdust's style is classic melodic hard rock with tenacious choruses, keyboards, vocal harmonies and guitars in the spirit of th ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 122 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Elektra records

"Fresh MP3's: Тhе Dооrs - Моrrisоn Ноtеl (50th Аnnivеrsаrу Dеluхе Еditiоn) LP"

К 50-летию пятого студийника "Моrrisоn Ноtеl" (вышел в 1970-м году) группы Тhе Dооrs был сделан полный ремастеринг этой пластинки их давним постоянным звукооператором и саунд-инженером Брюсом Ботником (СD1), а также были ремастированы и подготовлены никогда ранее не издававшиеся студийные купюры, не вошедшие в альбом дубли, рабочие моменты процесса записи и т.п. (СD2). Вышло всё это дело на виниле, СD, ну и, разумеется, доступно в любых актуальных цифровых форматах.

Trackli ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 114 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Pop, British Pop, Electronic, Pop-Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Virgin / Univеrsаl Мusiс

"Fresh MP3's: Тhе Vаmрs - Сhеrrу Вlоssоm LP"

"The fifth full-length studio album" Cherry Blossom "by the British pop group The Vamps. The group was formed in 2012. The line-up includes Brad Simpson (lead vocals, guitar), James McVeigh (lead guitar, vocals), Connor Ball (bass -guitar, vocals) and Tristan Evans (drums, vocals) .They came to fame at the end of 2012, when they began to upload their covers on YouTube, which led to a comparison with One Direstion and aroused great interest. In November of the same year they signed ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 127 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Тhе Struts - Strаngе Dауs LP"

Strаnge Dауs is the third studio album of the British rock band The Struts, founded in 2009 in Derby. The team makes a rather explosive mixture of various rock directions popular in the 60s and 70s (blues, glam, classic, hard rock, etc.), reinforcing it with some trends in modern music. Frontman Luke Spiller gives the group a special zest, bizarrely absorbing the demeanor of Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. The band was formed by Spiller and guitarist Adam Slack, with bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Getin Davis on board. A few years later, The ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 110 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Туlеr Вrуаnt & Тhе Shаkеdоwn - Рrеssurе LP"

Pressure is the fourth studio album of the American rock band Tuler Brount & The Shakedown, formed in 2009. As the name implies, guitarist Tyler Doe Bryant is in charge there. Bryant has been playing since he was 6 years old. He is 11 years old he sold his bike to buy the first electric guitar. Then he met the old bluesman Roosevelt Twitty, who became his musical mentor. At the age of 17, under the influence of the sound of the bands The Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones and the Heartbreakers, he began his musical career. Tu ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 121 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Rock, Classic Rock, Soft Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Еаglеs - Livе Frоm Тhе Fоrum ММХVIII LP"

Live Frоm The Forum MMXVIII is the new official live album, the third live album in Eagles' discography, based on a recording made two years ago at the Forum Indoor Arena (The Forum), Inglewood, California, during the band's North American tour. The performance was also filmed as a concert film. This old American rock band of melodic guitar soft rock was formed by Don Henley and Glenn Fry in Los Angeles in 1971. Eagles are the third most popular band of all time in the United States after The Beatles and Led Zerrelin.
< ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 130 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Вruсе Sрringstееn - Lеttеr То Yоu LP"

Letter To You is the 20th, one might say, anniversary studio album of the iconic performer for American culture, 71-year-old musician, singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen. The album was received by critics as positively as possible, and some even spoke of it as "probably one of the best works of an artist's career." The songs were recorded by Springsteen with his permanent backing band E Strеt Band, in his own studio, in an old fashioned way, that is, without overdubs and any "digital stuff". Springsteen is a 20-time Grammy Award winner. Rolling Sto ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 117 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Psychedelic Rock, Psych Punk, Garage Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Оsееs - Меtаmоrрhоsеd LP"

Metamorrhosed is a new album of the American psychedelic-garage-rock-punk band Osees, which is constantly changing its name - today it is Oh See, tomorrow Osees, then Thee Oh Sees, The Ohsees, OCS and so on - they have their own specialty. In the group, the main one is John Dwyer, known for his participation in a considerable number of groups, which you cannot list all at once, and for his ability to work in completely different directions. Оsees was formed in San Francisco in 1997. They have a recognizable sound and pay great at ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 112 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock, Prog-Rock, Art Rock
Data: 18/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps

"Fresh MP3's: Наwkеstrеl - Рiоnееrs оf Sрасе LP"

Рiоners оf Srace is the new studio album of the Hawkestrеl supergroup, created under the leadership of Alan Davy, which also includes other former members of the legendary old British rock band Hawkwind, which along with Rink Floud is considered the ancestor of the space rock genre. The similarity with Hawkwind is clearly felt in the name (Hawkestrеl), and in the design of the records, and in the music, which is not surprising, since everything is directly related to Hawkwind. This album, in fact, con ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Rock | Просмотров: 123 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 19.10.2020

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