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Music/Style: #Best Of #Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Indie Dance
Data: 14/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport


Tracklist / Top tracks
• Armonica, Dear Humans – Better With Time (Armonica Version)
• Astrid, Benji, Rina, Megaphonim – People feat. Astrid (Sandhog Remix)
• Audiojack – Transitions (Original Mix)
• Avante (UK) – Hollow Point
• AVIRA – Love Me (Yotto Remix)
• Binaryh – Capella (Original Mix)
• Bonga – Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Pablo Fierro Remix)
• Boy Next Door – Apollon (Original Mix)
• Carbon, Kuestenklatsch – Too Much (Original Mix)
• Cato Anaya – La Hechicera (Extended Mix)
• Catz ‘n Dogz, Eats Everything, Catz Eats Dogz – Offline Mode (Orig ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Electronic | Просмотров: 195 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #EDM
Data: 14/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport

"Fresh MP3's: New EDM Tracks October-2020"

New songs / tracks / releases in mp3, new releases released in October 2020! Download and listen for free and without registration!
We are starting a new series of collections of "exclusive new electronic music, top EDM", the newest song tracks released over a given period of time. Hits and new electronic dance music! All the best and freshest from the world of edm bass & club/dance musica! Starting from trance music, continuing with trap, drum and base + jungle, hardcore, hardstyle and ending with dubstep, house ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Electronic | Просмотров: 147 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #House
Data: 14/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport

"Fresh MP3's: Nicky Romero "Toulouse" Chart"

Tracklist / Top tracks 9 / 36:41
• Deniz Koyu & NØ SIGNE - Flavours (Extended Mix) 4:07
• Firebeatz x Dubvision pres. METAFO4R - Grollow (Extended Mix) 4:35
• Julian Jordan feat. TITUS - Badboy (Extended Mix) 3:17
• Laidback Luke feat. David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (Extended Mix) 4:04
• Nicky Romero - Toulouse (2020 Extended Edit) 4:27
• Nicky Romero & Deniz Koyu - Destiny (MOTi Extended Remix) (feat. Alexander Tidebrink) 4:15
• Robin Schulz feat. Alida ... Читать дальше »
Категория: House | Просмотров: 148 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Music/Style: #Best Of #House, Bass House, #Garage / #Bassline / Grime, Nu Disco / Disco, Future House
Data: 14/10/2020
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport

"Fresh MP3's: Volac EVERYONE Chart"

Tracklist / Top tracks 13 / 55:21
• Go Freek - What We See 3:43
• Habstrakt & Badjokes - Right Here 3:11
• Holy Goof, Notion feat. Mila Falls - Put It On Me (feat. Mila Falls) 3:10
• Hybrid Theory - Get Wild 5:22
• Kaz James, Ali Love - Stronger (John Summit Extended Remix) 6:13
• Latroit, B4NG B4NG, Loomis - Nice (Twice as Nice) (Jay Robinson Remix) 3:05
• Liz Cass - Bad Love (Jansons Remix) 4:39 < ... Читать дальше »
Категория: TRAP/FUTURE-BASS | Просмотров: 124 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style: Grime, Electronic, Reggae, Dubstep
Release date: 01-06-2018
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Cat: KLDIG152
Label: Klik

1. Datamen, Yinka — We On A Mission
2. Datamen, Yinka — Fiyarain
3. Datamen, Yinka — Is She A Witch (feat. Sugahspank)
4. Datamen, Yinka — Flesh
5. Datamen, Yinka — Children Of Tomorrow
6. Datamen, Yinka — Sentiment
7. Datamen, Yinka — The Flow
8. Datamen, Yinka — Freakshow
9. Datamen, Yinka — The Zone
10. Datamen, Yinka — Shadows Of Love

... Читать дальше »
Категория: Dubstep | Просмотров: 137 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 20-07-2018
Format: MP3 320 Kbps
Cat5: LOSS010
Label: Lossless Music

To celebrate the 10th vinyl release on Lossless Music, Soul Intent delivers 4 cuts on dark and moody drum and bass as only he can. The title track 'The Tide' see's Soul Intent collaborate with label regular and dark vibe master Paragon. 'Cypher' hails the first production outing from Ben Repertoire (from the Repertoire label) who happens to also be Lossless graphic designer and fellow lover of Co-Op Pickle Pork Pies. Also on the B side is a solo effort from Soul Intent called 'Lose Yourself' which demonstrates yet more of his love of that classic Headz sound, turning heads whenever it's played. Lastly, as a digital exclusive Soul Intent raided the archives and unearthed a rugged roller called 'Helpless' which alon ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 139 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style: Drum and bass / Jungle
Release date: 11/12/2018
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Cat: VSV-0001
Label: Vintage Summer Vibes

1. Unknown Artist — Untitled 4:58
2. Unknown Artist — Untitled 5:30

Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 134 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 15/03/2019
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Lossless

Soul Intent — Carbon Copy (feat. Sula Mae) (06:29)
Soul Intent — Bell Tune (06:29)
Soul Intent — Too Long (07:16)

Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 113 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style: Drum and Bass
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 19/04/2019
Label: 3.0 Records
Catalog: TPO006

The amen break never saw it coming. Bay area heads will be well acquainted with CM-4 as the resident disc jockey of Outpost SF and a regular behind the decks throughout California. With releases on 100%% Silk, Nite Owl Diner, Charmin Records, and Outpost Trax, CM-4 has put out a steady stream and never compromised on quality. In his latest offering youll find 4 fresh junglist tracks each with a classic vibe.

Cm-4 — Hover! (04:54)
Cm-4 — Super Tiger (05:40)
Cm-4 — Hillside (04:17)
Cm-4 — Acid Drop Gap (04:22)

Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 120 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style Drum and Bass
Released 25/10/2019
Format MP3|320kbps
Label Lossless
Nr LOSS012

Slider & Expose — Be Right Here (05:23)
Slider & Expose — All Fall Down (feat Clima) (06:42)
Slider & Expose — Lead Them To The Well (feat Soul Intent) (06:04)

Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 118 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style: Drum 'n Bass
Format: CD
Quality: FLAC
Release date: 00/00/1997
Label: Hardleaders
Cat: HLCD4


01. Decoder - Turn
02. Ice Minus - Zen
03. Formula 7 & TDK - Step
04. Venom - Mystery
05. Manifest - 420 A.D.
06. Regulate - Untouch
07. Served Chilled - Venus
08. Jay Rolla - Open Mind
09. Solution To Sound - Funky Funky Elements (Secret Mix)
10. Basic Influence - Still Waters (Run Deep Mix)
11. Served Chilled feat. Juliette Ede - Airbourne
12. Stark feat. Anna Karin Karlsson - Come To Me

Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 118 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Style Drum & Bass
Released 28/01/2008
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Lifted Music
Nr LFTD003
Type Compilation

The eagerly awaited third release is finally here. No longer just to wreak havoc in the clubs, but in your bedroom. From The Inside Out collaborates superior artists such as Spor, Apex, Ewun, Evol Intent and Phace.

• Apex, Evol Intent, Ewun, Spor — Dirge 6:48
• Spor, Ewun — We Dominate 6:01
• Spor, Evol Intent, Ewun — Levitate 6:37
• Phace, Spor — Dying of the Light 5:40

[b]Turbo | Nitro[/b]
Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 112 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Music Break-Beat, Drum & Bass, Jungle
Released 23/03/2020
Format MP3,320kbps
Label A Colourful Storm

Christoph De Babalon — Webs Of Wraith 3:44
Christoph De Babalon — Mares 2:07
Christoph De Babalon — When To End 6:13
Mark — Duet For Melodica And Claves 2:50
Mark — Incantation For The Protection Of JC 8:13

Turbo | Nitro

Death at the stake was reserved for people who had been convicted of heresy once and then relapsed, or had refused to confess despite explicit evidence. In cases involving the st ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 111 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

Music Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat
Release 1/05/2020
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Kindergarten

• DRUMMy — Something Else (Kabuki Mix) 3:38
• DRUMMy — No Touch 4:21
• Ma Sha Ru — Da=Ja 4:02
• Ma Sha Ru — Noise155 4:51


Turbo | Nitro


Following their second EP, Zer0, which launched the Kindergarten Records imprint, Ma Sha Ru return to the label for a split EP with fellow Sorry Records affiliate Drummy. It is the former's fir ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Drum and Bass | Просмотров: 121 | Добавил: musikmp3 | Дата: 14.10.2020

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