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VA — TRANCE: THE VOCAL SESSION 2023 (ZYX83100-2) Download

Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, Trance
Data:: 02/12/2022
Quality:MP3/320 kbps
#Музыка/Label: #ZYX Music

"Download MP3: VA - Trance: The Vocal Session 2023 (ZYX 83100-2)"

Tracklist / Top tracks
1. Talla 2XLC & Alexandra Badoi — Revive My Light (Extended Mix) [7:43]
2. Armin van Buuren & Gareth Emery feat. Owl City — Forever & Always (Extended Mix) [6:52]
3. Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro — Hear Me Out (Extended Mix) [7:25]
4. DJ T.H. & EKE (NL) — Crystal Eyes (Extended Mix) [5:37]
5. Emma Hewitt & Markus Schulz — Into My Arms (Markus Schulz Remix) [3:54]
6. Mark Sherry & Clare Stagg — Poison Apple (Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix) [6:57]
7. Darren Porter & Susana — The Hero In Me (Extended Mix) [7:39]
8. Ciaran McAuley & Linney — Reach For You (Extended Mix) [5:29]
9. JES — All Or Nothing (Extended Mix) [6:28]
10. Simon Patterson feat. Sarah De Warren — Sorry (Extended Mix) [7:03]
11. Natalie Gioia with Beat & Voice — Hug Me (Extended Mix) [5:54]
12. Thomas Petersen — The Gate (Extended Mix) [6:31]
13. Tension & Julie Harrington — Lost In You (shugz Extended Remix) [7:33]
14. Ahmed Helmy, Gid Sedgwick — Exploited Lover (DJ T.H. Extended Remix) [5:45]
15. Stargazers & Annerley — The Day You Faded Away (Extended Mix) [7:34]
16. GXD & Sarah De Warren — Hell & High Water (DRYM Extended Remix) [6:43]
17. Ben Hemsley — Erase Me (Extended Mix) [6:51]
18. Rinaly & Natalie Gioia — Without You (Extended Mix) [5:36]
19. David Nimmo & Cari — Light A Rainbow (Extended Mix) [6:10]
20. Talla 2XLC & That Girl — Nothing Compares To You (Extended Mix) [7:15]
21. Rene Ablaze & Gid Sedgwick — Sleepwalking (Extended Mix) [7:10]
22. Talla 2XLC & D72 — I Will Fly (Extended Mix) [7:31]
23. Aly & Fila and JES — Sunrise (Rank 1 Extended Remix) [5:33]
24. Sarah Lynn & Main Engine — Shadows & Dust (Extended Mix) [5:57]
25. Woody van Eyden & Rene Ablaze — All My Life (Maarten de Jong Extended Remix) [5:44]
26. DJs @ Work — Someday (DJ T.H. & Airwalk3r Extended Remix) [5:17]
27. Sarah Russell & Raz Nitzan & Trance Classics — All Over Again (Extended Mix) [7:56]
28. James Dust — Unspoken (Original Mix) [5:05]
29. Talla 2XLC & Junk Project feat. Saloni — Chaiyya Chaiyya (Extended Mix) [5:55]
30. NOMADsignal & Nikol Apatini — To the Ground (NOMADsignal Extended Remix) [5:47]
31. Kaimo K & Hanna Finsen — To Be Who You Are (Extended Mix) [6:38]
32. Solar Vision — Phoenix In The Night (Extended Mix) [6:26]
33. Ghost Etiquette & RRDR feat. Seán Ryan — Side Road (Extended Mix) [6:30]
34. Storm State & Deirdre McLaughlin — The View (Extended Mix) [7:35]
35. Made Of Light — Mirafiori (Extended Mix) [6:24]
36. Cathy Burton — No End Seems Right 2022 (Re:Locate & Simon Anthony Extended Mix) [6:34]
37. Talla 2XLC — All The Dreams We Shared (Karl8 x Andrea Monta Rework Extended Mix) [5:08]
38. DJ T.H. & Miyoki — Plume (Extended) [5:56]
39. Sentien feat. Erisse — Under Your Spell (Extended Mix) [7:18]
40. ARTY with Nadia Ali & BT — Must Be The Love (Enamour Extended Remix) [7:30]
41. Roman Messer — Falling (Extended Mix) [6:09]
42. Pulsedriver — Cambodia (Talla 2XLC Extended Vocal Mix) [6:37]

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Trance - The Vocal Session 2023: De heetste en hipste Vocal Trance titels op 2CD's. Echte trancemuziek voor echte trancefans! De nieuwste editie met 42 gloednieuwe trancesongs biedt meer dan 2 uur aan melodieuze en perfect geproduceerde titels, b.v. door ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. SARAH REEVES, ALY & FILY en JES, STONEFACE & TERMINAL & WALTIN ​​JAY, TALLA 2XLC & CLARA YATES en nog veel meer.

To your attention is presented a publication ZYX Music, ZYX Records for review, as well as an overview of the overall picture, content and listening! Various Artists - Trance: The Vocal Session 2023 is designed and signed as a reference on your choice of several exchangers file. 2 × CD, Compilation reliability and availability, is the property of our portal, efficiency and commitment to new heights, as well as the immensity of the creative transformation! Listen, familiarize and download the publication on this website. With the support of the performers Ghost Etiquette, Storm State, Made Of Light, Cathy Burton, Talla 2xlc, Sentien Feat. Erisse, Arty, Roman Messer, Pulsedriver have filled the contrast of this compilation. Melodic & Trance collection with lots of interesting tracks
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