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Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, Jackin/Soulful/Funky House, Nu-Disco, Deep House, Afro-House
Quality:MP3/320 kbps + FLAC
Label: #Milk & Sugar Recordings, Germany

"MP3 download: VA - Milk & Sugar Winter Sessions 2022 [MSRCD084]"

Tracklist / Top tracks
1. Babert, Nathalie Miranda — Soul on Fire (Extended Mix) (4:44)
2. Andrey Exx, D’Vision, Sebb Junior — My Heart (Extended Mix) (6:05)
3. Kylie Minogue, Purple Disco Machine — Magic (Purple Disco Machine Extended Mix) (5:07)
4. Michael Gray, Mousse T. — The Weekend (Mousse T. Disco Shizzle Remix) (7:53)
5. Martin Waslewski, Purple Disco Machine — Clouds (Purple Disco Machine Remix) (6:40)
6. Milk & Sugar — Funky Music (Extended Mix) (6:11)
7. Earth N Days — Everybody Be Somebody (Original Mix) (5:42)
8. Milk & Sugar, Lurine Cato — All I Need (Is Believe) (Extended Mix) (6:39)
9. CASSIMM, Leela D — Your Honor (Extended Mix) (6:11)
10. Alaia & Gallo, Angelo Ferreri, Lee Wilson, Brokenears — Straight Up (Brokenears Extended Remix) (6:04)
11. Flashmob, Crystal Waters — I Gave You the World (Extended Mix) (6:56)
12. Mark Knight, Damon Trueitt, GUZ — You Saw Me (Guz Extended Mix) (5:26)
13. Franky Rizardo, Ros T, Eunice Collins — Out the Fire (At the Hotel) (Original Mix) (5:18)
14. David Penn, Hosse, Africa G — Con Son (Vocal Mix) (5:32)
15. Aly-Us, Full Intention — Follow Me (Full Intention Club Mix) (9:05)
16. Arco — My Soul Your Soul (Extended Mix) (7:36)
17. Mika Olson — Better (Extended Mix) (7:05)
18. Andhim — Never Let You Go (Original Mix) (6:07)
19. Yulia Niko, Mery Kilic — Disappear (6:52)
20. Ucha, Darksidevinyl — Tijuana (Extended Mix) (7:10)
21. Mollono.Bass — The Oracle (4:43)
22. Animal Trainer — Crucita (Original Mix) (7:18)
23. Gorge, Marc Lenz — Little Aimie (6:43)
24. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra, Laolu — Too Much Information (Laolu Remix [Edit]) (8:32)
25. Tube & Berger, Djuma Soundsystem, Westerby — Fetzen (Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby Remix) (9:07)
26. Kellerkind — Slomo (Original Mix) (7:01)
27. Oliver Schories — Levo (6:50)
28. SOAME, Dario D’Attis — Morning (Dario D’attis Remix) (6:19)
29. Gregor Salto, Funkin Matt, Lilitha — Not for Me (Club Mix) (5:10)
30. Space Motion — Fire (Original Mix) (6:26)
31. Milk & Sugar — Winter Sessions 2022 (Milk & Sugar House Nation Mix) (1:19:07)
32. Milk & Sugar — Winter Sessions 2022 (Milk & Sugar Love Nation Mix) (1:19:39)

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