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Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, Rock, Indie, Disco, Hip-Hop, Doo-Wop, Glam, Pop Rock
Quality:MP3/320 kbps
Label: #MastermixDJ

"MP3 download: VA - Mastermix DJ Edits Halloween 2021 [DJEH01]"

Mastermix DJ Edits Halloween is designed and signed as a reference on your choice of several exchangers file. Halloween & Music Factory, Highway To Hell, Ghostbusters, Werewolves Of London, Thriller, Monster Mash, Abracadabra, Enter Sandman! Mastermix range covers new and forthcoming music, innovative productions and retro hits all available in digital and physical formats. Catalogue holds an extensive collection of unique mixes tailored for working DJs as well as individual tracks of both radio edits and rare and collectable versions of popular songs. Convenience, reliability and availability, is the property of our portal, efficiency and commitment to new heights, as well as the immensity of the creative transformation!

Tracklist / Top tracks
1. Somebody’s Watching Me — Dj Edits: Somebody’s Watching Me 2:19
2. Amityville The House O — Dj Edits: Amityville (The House On The Hill) 2:18
3. Highway To Hell — Dj Edits: Highway To Hell 2:36
4. Psycho Killer — Dj Edits: Psycho Killer 2:45
5. The Time Warp — Dj Edits: The Time Warp 2:34
6. Ghostbusters — Dj Edits: Ghostbusters 2:16
7. This Is Halloween — Dj Edits: This Is Halloween 2:23
8. Don’t Fear The Reaper — Dj Edits: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper 2:45
9. Werewolves Of London — Dj Edits: Werewolves Of London 2:14
10. Monster Mash — Dj Edits: Monster Mash 2:05
11. Abracadabra — Dj Edits: Abracadabra 2:29
12. Poison — Dj Edits: Poison 3:21
13. Thriller Radio Mix — Dj Edits: Thriller (Radio Mix) 2:01
14. Enter Sandman — Dj Edits: Enter Sandman 2:22
15. I Put A Spell On You — Dj Edits: I Put A Spell On You 2:18
16. Thriller — Dj Edits: Thriller 2:45



"free download for dj's" — "скачать музыку бесплатно"

DJ Edits Halloween de Mastermix te permite crear sets de rápido movimiento con versiones más cortas y contundentes de los más grandes rellenos de Halloween de todos los tiempos.

Este álbum incluye temas clásicos de Halloween que incluyen "Psycho Killer" de Talking Heads, "Werewolves Of London" de Warren Zevon y "Poison" de Alice Cooper. Estas ediciones son exclusivas de este álbum y no aparecen en ninguna otra parte de la gama DJ Edits, con la excepción de "Thriller" y "Time Warp", que simplemente tuvimos que incluir en este álbum.
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