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TRAXSOURCE TOP 100 ALBUMS OF 2021 (BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR) //2022// Download Download

Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, Jackin’ House, Soulful House, Soul / Funk / Disco, Nu Disco / Disco, Indie Dance, Tech House, House, Afro House, Deep House, Funky House
Quality:MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Traxsource
"MP3 download: Traxsource Top 100 Albums Of 2021"

The longest form of musical expression, albums are made during a point in an artist's career when they become ready to share their deepest and wildest ideas. They serve as an outlet for creating definitive, long-lasting artistic statements. 2021 was yet another fantastic year for longform listening. Find the Top 100 biggest and best-selling albums of the year now at your fingertips and ready to explore.

Tracklist / Top tracks
1. DJ Spen – Soulful Storm [Quantize Recordings]
2. Sparrow & Barbossa – Seven Seas [Redolent]
3. Ten City – Judgement [Ultra Records]
4. PARKSIDE AVE – Parkside Ave [DIRIDIM]
5. Miguel Migs – Shaping Visions [Soulfuric Deep]
6. Timmy Regisford – Nervous In Shelter [Nervous]
7. Teddy Douglas – Baltimore Philadelphia International (A Tribute To Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff) [Quantize Recordings]
8. Dee Jay Sound – The Komtron Jazz Trio Live At The Late Night Jazz Cafe [FunkHut Records]
9. Serge Funk – All Around The World [Groove Culture]
10. Afefe Iku – or.bit [Yoruba Records]
11. Chymamusique – Musique [Chymamusiq Records]
12. Deep Soul Syndicate, Various Artists, Earl W Green, Stephanie Cooke – This Thing of Ours (Various) [Tribe Records]
13. Rafael Moraes – Reconnection [Yoruba Records]
14. Mike City – Made In Quarantine [Unsung Records]
15. Purple Disco Machine – Exotica [Sweat It Out]
16. Saeed Younan – MORPH [Younan Music]
17. Artwork Sounds – Nothing Better [The Ashmed Hour Records]
18. Tomahawk Bang – Indigetech [Atjazz Record Company]
19. Hot Since 82 – Recovery [Knee Deep In Sound]
20. TekniQ – LIBRAH [Abstract Mood Music]
21. Aquatone – Audio Unit [Genesis]
22. Bellaire – Date at the Disco [Allo Floride Records]
23. Stefano Ranieri – Risonanza [NULU ELECTRONIC]
24. Maxinne – Red Alert [Toolroom]
25. Dennis Cruz – Roots [Crosstown Rebels]
26. Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller – Connected [Stay True Sounds]
28. Makèz – City of All [Heist Recordings]
29. Sebas Ramis – Life Goes On [Sub_Urban]
30. Ed Ramsey – Who Is Ed Ramsey? [POJI Records]
32. Homeboyz – Ifarada [Kazukuta Records]
33. Felipe Gordon – A Landscape Onomatopeya [Shall Not Fade]
34. Sio – Features [Stay True Sounds]
35. OYOBI – Transcendence [Atjazz Record Company]
36. Jesse Bru – Happiness Therapy LP01: The Coast [Happiness Therapy]
37. Griffith Malo – Premium Deep House Sounds [The Ashmed Hour Records]
38. Kaidi Tatham – An Insight To All Minds [First Word Records]
39. Deepconsoul – New Earth Part.2 [Deepconsoul Sounds]
40. Deep Aztec – Healing Frequencies [MFENGU RECORDS]
41. Tilman, Louisa Laos – United Scripts [Shall Not Fade]
42. Mark Lower – Blurry Dreams Of You [Nurvous Records]
43. Jullian Gomes – Poisoned [World Without End]
44. Friend Within – Hope [Toolroom]
45. Mark Farina – Isolated Samples [Robsoul]
46. Kiko Navarro – Afroterraneo [Wonderwheel Recordings]
47. Mark Broom – Fünfzig [Rekids]
48. Dave Anthony – Soulful Reflections [Newtown Recordings]
49. Joaquin Joe Claussell – Raw Tones [Rekids]
50. Andrew Lozano – Conceptualize [Freqy Music Group]
51. Dany Cohiba – Afro Andaluz [Carrillo Music LLC]
52. After The Cutt – After The Cutt, Vol.2 [Kuudos]
53. Suburb Beat – Around My Brain LP [Robsoul]
54. Robert Hood – Mirror Man [Rekids]
55. Gabbana – Eleven [Gabbana Music]
56. Small Talk – Nice Moves [Moulton Music]
57. VIGI (FR) – Rhodes Island [NDYD Records]
58. Sven Van Hees – Sun Glitter [Your Lips]
59. Patrice Rushen – Straight from the Heart (Remastered) [Strut]
60. Ray-D – Just Another Loco Kid [The Old Skool New Class]
61. Joris Voorn – Four (Remixes Deluxe) [Spectrum (NL)]
62. DJ Hell – House Music Box (Past Present No Future) [The Dj Hell experience]
63. Space Ghost – Dance Planet [Tartelet Records]
64. David Morales – The Red Zone Project, Vol. 3 [DIRIDIM]
65. HATT.D – Welcome to Paradise [GLBDOM]
66. Rahsaan Patterson – Heroes & Gods 2.0 [Shanachie]
67. Lord & Dego – Lord & Dego [2000black]
68. David Morales – The Red Zone Project, Vol. 2 [DIRIDIM]
69. DJ OMC – I Choose You [Kuudos]
70. Nikki O & thatmanmonkz – Rough, Rugged, Raw [Shadeleaf]
71. Manuel Tur – Rhythm Trainx Vol. 3 [Running Back]
72. Jarren – Antera [Apron Records]
73. Shur-i-kan – Points of Focus [Dark Energy Recordings]
74. Argy – The Interior Journey [Renaissance Records]
75. Funky Destination – I Do Voodoo [Timewarp Music]
76. Róisín Murphy – Crooked Machine [Skint Records]
77. Wearing Shoes – Naked Nights [Little Angel Records]
78. Dudu Tucci – The Afroterraneo Remixes [Afroterraneo Music]
79. Tour-Maubourg – Paradis artificiels [Pont Neuf Records]
80. G Flame – I Want You [No.19 Music]
81. Jas Artchild – Kaleidoscope Eyes [Selville Records]
82. Folamour – Chapeau rouge [FHUO Records]
83. Krust – The Edge Of Everything – Remixed [Crosstown Rebels]
84. Bella Boo – Let’s Go Out [Running Back]
85. Gavinco – Dumont [Shall Not Fade]
86. VGTM – Bokopano [Senior Boys Music]
87. Interstate – Dominion Swing [Shall Not Fade]
88. Emapea – Reflection [Cold Busted]
89. Budai – Roots [Witty Tunes]
90. The Stoned – Good Vibrations [Turtle Wax Recordings]
91. kryptogram – krypt. vol2 [Kryptogram]
92. Hamza Rahimtula & Loopy Juice – Givin It Up [Selekta Recordings]
93. Silat Beksi – Mate [Constant Black]
94. Jas Artchild – Kaleidoscope Eyes (Deluxe) [Selville Records]
95. Seb Zito – Truth In My Steps [Edible]
96. Brooklyn Friends – The Evolution [DIRIDIM]
97. Chris Nazuka – Perspectives [New Math Records]
98. Lauhaus – Side By Side [Oh! Records Stockholm]
99. BRS – Gravity [Situationism]
100. Gavin Boyce – Anywhere Here [Nordic Trax]

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