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Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, #House, Deep/Tech House
Quality:MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Defected Records / ITH Records
Released 3/02/2010

"Download MP3: Defected Presents ATFC In The House, London 2010 (ITH32D)"

Tracklist / Top tracks 29 / 5:34:22
• Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox Featuring Nelson — Love Me (Dub) 6:49
• Smashing Sebastian — Come with it (Feat. C. Reid) (Atfc's Motherlode Mix) 7:27
• The Jinks Featuring Johnny Dangerous — Dynamite Muzik 6:39
• Hell & Christian Prommer — Freak it (Spencer Parker Remix) 10:15
• Dennis Ferrer — Hey Hey (Df's Attention Vocal Mix) 7:13
• Penn & Jabato — En Mi Casa (Digital Edit) 6:56
• Copyright Featuring Imaani & Tasita D'mour — Someday (Main Mix Edit) 3:17
• Martijn Ten Velden & Afroboogie — Cowbell 7:42
• Atfc — I Called U (the Conversation) (Atfc's Heated Conversation - Long Edit) 9:59
• Steve Angello — Tivoli 7:24
• Atfc — Computer Love (Instrumental Edit) 4:17
• East & Young — Reveal (Extended Mix) 7:10
• H-Foundation — Tonight (King Britt's Sexy Mix) 7:58
• Reboot — Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix Edit) 3:25
• Pitto — Feelin' (Joris Voorn Can't Kick this Feelin' When it Hits) 7:04
• Jerk House Connection Featuring Akram Sedkaoui — Each & Every Day (Life Goes on) (Rocco Underground Mix) 8:35
• Afefe Iku — Mirror Dance 8:34
• DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson Featuring Dama S — Dama's Salon 8dub) 5:20
• Mark Knight & D. Ramirez Vs Underworld — Downpipe (Original Club Mix) 8:10
• DJ Chus & Rob Mirage — Still Beatin' (Original Mix) 7:57
• Helvetic Nerds — Salto (Leventina Remix) 7:23
• Nari & Milani Featuring Max C — Disco Nuff (Flow Mix) 5:50
• Barbara Tucker — I Get Lifted (David Tort Remix) 8:28
• Ramon Tapia — It's that Dub Thing (Original Mix Edit) 2:35
• Da Mongoloids — Spark Da Meth (Atfc's Wildstyle Remix) 7:01
• Hell & Christian Prommer — Бsi Baba (Original Mix) 6:57
• Basement Jaxx — Flylife Xtra 9:15
• VA — ''In the House London '10 CD1'' (Continuous DJ Mix by Atfc) 1:13:17
• VA — ''In the House London '10 CD2'' (Continuous DJ Mix by Atfc) 1:11:39

Turbo | Rapid

"free download for dj's" — "скачать музыку бесплатно"

It's a London thing.
We're on the road a lot here at Defected; Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo 'rocking the crowds, meeting new talent and soaking up the local culture. But it's London; our home, where the real hard work is done. The Defected sound is shaped by the musical soundscapes of New York, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia but it's the influence of London's Acid House, Rare Groove and Jazz Funk scenes that have made Defected the label and institution it is today.

So after 10 years of global clubland adventures we thought it about right we celebrate the city we love. Who better to compile and mix this compilation then, than London born and bread, chart topping, dancefloor destroying, and long time Defected aficionado ATFC.

Aydin aka ATFC has been part of the Defected family since day one and has been responsible for some of the label's and the genre's most commercial hits with 'Bad Habit'and 'In & Out Of My Life'. Alongside this ATFC has been a Beatport acclaimed Star of 2009 with his consistent output of club chart topping releases and remixes of the likes of 'Praise To The JB's', 'I Called U (The Converstaion), 'Speed Up' and 'Whatever'

On mix 1 ATFC delivers some of the freshest house music around complete with exclusives and classics sprinkled throughout the mix, including an exclusive from Copyright (Someday') and the massive 2009 Ibiza smash 'I Called U (The Conversation)'. Dennis Ferrer's future house music anthem 'Hey He' also features alongside huge big room sounds from the likes of Steve Angello and Erick Morillo.

The 2nd mix kicks off with an exclusive new remix of Reboot's 2009 hit Enjoy Music by rising Italian / Shoreditch talent Riva Starr. Afefe Iku's underground killer 'Mirror Dance', a brand new cut from DJ Gregory ('Dama s Salon'), Mark Knight & Underworld's epic 'Downpipe' and ATFC's remake of the Strictly Rhythm classic 'Spark Da Meth'all star before finishing on a classic from arguably London's biggest dance music act; Basement Jaxx and their Brixton bomb 'Flylife Xtra'.
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