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VA — The Best EDM of The Week 16-02-2021 (February 2021)

Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, Progressive House, Electro House, Tec/Deep-House, Big-Room, Trance
Data: 16/02/2021
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Beatport

"MP3 download: The Best EDM of The Week 16-02-2021"

Tracklist / Top tracks 52 / 3:28:18
(G) I-DLE — HWAA (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix) 2:56
Antoine Delvig — Techno 99 (Extended Mix) 4:31
Blasterjaxx & Jebroer — Symphony (Extended Mix) 3:44
Bleu Clair & OOTORO — Beat Like This (Extended Mix) 3:32
Bougenvilla & Jookidd & Mairee feat. Sam Lemay — Test With A Kiss (Extended Mix) 3:37
Carta & Gian Varela — Alarma (Extended Mix) 3:18
CID — No! (BYOR Extended Remix) 3:36
Citadelle — Out Of My Mind (Extended Mix) 4:03
CloudNone & Direct — Dream Running (Extended Mix) 4:46
Crvvcks — Only When The Night Falls (Extended Mix) 4:34
Cytrax — I'm A Hero (Extended Mix) 3:28
Dastic — Undercover (Extended Club Mix) (feat. Madugo) 3:43
Dubdogz x Mariana BO x Flakkë — Drop It (feat. LUISAH) (Extended Mix) 4:06
Eddie Thoneick feat. James Walsh — Into The Sunrise (Extended Mix) 5:47
Fatum — Out Of Space (Extended Mix) (feat. Trove) 6:23
Funkin Matt feat. Tristan Henry — Feelin (Extended Mix) 3:57
HIDDN — We Got Love (Extended Mix) (feat. Mila Falls) 4:29
Jack Wins — Set Me Free (Extended Mix) 3:37
Karasso & Gellero — Drop It Low (Original Mix) 2:35
KEVU x SaberZ — Dream Team (Extended Mix) 4:05
Keys N Krates — Glitter (Netsky Remix) 2:51
King Arthur & Kevin Aleksander pres. BTK Collective — I'll Be Waiting (Extended Mix) 5:11
Kompany x Samplifire — Limit 4:25
Landis — Step and Repeat (Extended Mix) (feat. Saint Wade) 4:11
LOOPERS — Greed (Extended Mix) 3:52
Lost Capital & Cr3on feat. Joselyn Rivera — The Way It Was (Monroe & D.Clakes Extended Remix) 3:57
Lost Capital & Cr3on — The Way It Was (Sammy Boyle Extended Remix) (feat. Joselyn Rivera) 4:08
Manse — WARNING (Extended Mix) 3:02
Martin Garrix — Pressure (feat. Tove Lo) 2:25
Matisse & Sadko — Meant To Be (Extended Mix) 4:16
Matisse & Sadko — Meant To Be (Instrumental Mix) 3:28
Matt Nash — Midnight (feat. Lucas Marx) (Extended Mix) 4:07
Matt Nash feat. Lucas Marx — Midnight (Extended Mix) 4:07
Miane — Who Are You? (Chris Lake Extended Remix) 5:22
Michael Calfan — Bittersweet (Extended Mix) 4:19
Mick Mazoo & NRDH feat. Roundrobin — Ain't Even Trying (Extended Mix) 3:34
Oliver Heldens & Party Pupils — Set Me Free (MorganJ Remix) (feat. MAX) 3:14
Osrin & WILHELM — Highway 2:47
Otosan x Shadow Child — Right Here (feat. Carrie Baxter) [Extended Mix] 5:06
Pharien — Days Are Gone (Extended Mix) (feat. Able Faces) 4:50
Pharien — Do It Again (Extended Mix) (feat. Joanna) 4:06
Piero Pirupa — No Control (Extended Mix) 4:12
Psycho Boys Club — Could Be Something (Extended Mix) 5:04
Seth Hills & Vluarr — Calling Out (feat. Lucas Ariel) (Extended Mix) 3:30
Sikdope — Waiting All Night 4:04
Slowpalace x FWLR x Qwinn — Already Gone 3:15
Snavs — Change Us (feat. Jack Dawson) 2:52
SVD — Bells Keep Ringin' (Original Mix) 5:31
Teamworx & Almero — Run (Extended Mix) 3:54
THYKIER — Miss (Extended Mix) 4:06
Tiësto — The Business, Pt. II (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) 2:45
Wh0 — Free (feat. Zhana) (Extended Mix) 5:23


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