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Defected Records: Classic Music Company Detroit Takeover (2021)

Music/Style: #Best Of #Electronic, House, Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House
Data: 15/02/2021
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Label: #Defected Records

"MP3 download: Classic Music Company Detroit Takeover 2021"

To celebrate Floorplan's debut Classic Music Company release, label boss Luke Solomon steps up to curate 6 hours of Detroit classics.

Tracklist / Top tracks 57 / 6:02:24
Floorplan — Right There 2:58
Chez Damier/Stacey Pullen — Forever Monna 5:07
Theo Parrish/Maurissa Rose — This Is For You 10:27
Amp Fiddler/Dames Brown — Slippin on Ya Pimpin 5:52
Andrés — Youre Still the One 6:31
Omar S/D Taylor — The Shit Baby 6:54
The DangerFeel Newbies — What Am I Here For? (Original NDATL Vocal) 6:59
Folamour — Look At Me Or I'll Steal Your Eyes (Byron The Aquarius Remix) 4:43
Recloose/Joe Dukie — Dust 7:08
Infinity Ink/Yasmin — How Do I Love You (Kai Alce Main Mix) 6:25
Fiorious — Follow Me (Waajeed BLM Remix) 4:08
MK — You Brought Me Love 6:08
Saison/Dominique Fils-Aimé — Show Me (Waajeed's Black Messiah Remix) 6:05
Javonntte — Aquarius Swing 6:14
Kai Alce — Rockin K-Tel (Original Mix) 5:17
Alton Miller/Amp Fiddler — When The Morning Comes (Main Vocal Mix) 7:56
Eddie Fowlkes — You Know! 6:08
thatmanmonkz/Nikki O — Gotta Believe (Original Mix) 5:41
K-hand/Akoshua — Love Games (K-Hand Dub Mix) 5:23
Motor City Drum Ensemble — Raw Cuts (Mike Huckaby Remix) 6:51
Blaze/Palmer Brown — My Beat (feat. Palmer Brown) (The Javonntte Jazzbug Mix) 3:27
Byron the Aquarius — Can We Do It Again 4:39
Moodymann — Shades of Jae 6:56
Theo Parrish — Lake Shore Drive 5:12
Eddie Fowlkes — That's What I Think About 6:35
Scan 7 — Chuuch 6:22
Floorplan — Tell You No Lie 8:25
Tom Trago — Use Me Again (Carl Craig Rework) 7:43
Terrence Parker/Reno Ka — Finally (Baby Be Mine) [feat. Reno Ka] 7:40
Nikki O/Javonntte — Love Without You (Vocal Version) 5:12
DJ Holographic/Alex Wilcox — My Feels 5:38
Floorplan — Confess 6:31
Moodymann — Music People 9:42
K-hand — Remember When 6:56
Omar S — Another Man 5:40
Norm Talley — Change 8:15
Oliver $/Daniel Steinberg — Testified (feat. Daniel Steinberg) (Scan 7 The Way Of The 7 Mix) 4:06
Guti — El Solitario (Carl Craig Remix) 6:16
Kevin Saunderson/Inner City — Future (feat. Inner City) (Kenny Larkin Tension Mix) 8:46
Matthew Dear — Dog Days 5:54
Ardalan — Zombie Village (DJ Minx Remix) 5:58
Gigi Galaxy — The Dream (Original Mix) 4:04
Derrick May — The Dance 7:13
Omar S/Big Strick/Norm Talley — Seen Was Set 6:09
Motor City Drum Ensemble — Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix) 7:39
Moodymann — I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits 8:06
Spiral Deluxe — E=MC² 12:33
Seth Troxler/The Martinez Brothers — Space & Time (Original Mix) 6:57
thatmanmonkz/Nikki-O — Ooh Wee (feat. Nikki-O) (Norm Talley Remix) 7:48
Lauren Flax — (You Have to) Work 5:57
DJ Rimarkable — I'm in Trouble (Mixed) 4:05
Floorplan — Never Grow Old (Re-Plant) 7:21
Mike Huckaby — Jazz Delirium (Original Mix) 6:54
DJ Rolando — Knights Of The Jaguar 2:31
Floorplan — Baby, Baby 6:38
Moodymann — I'll Provide 6:05
Inner City — Good Life 4:05


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